Who is GreenIsaDream

GreenIsaDream's story began in 2015 with Isa Ekstam but her green journey started long before that. With her parents becoming vegetarians before she was born, Isa grew up with a vegetarian lifestyle and that has of course influenced her in her work & career choices. Having a strong passion for cooking & vegetarian food since she was 12 years old, it wasn't until her mid 20th she decided to make a career shift; from a political scientist career to a vegetarian chef. 

Today she runs GreenIsaDream cooking classes in Stockholm- Sweden's only 100% vegetarian cooking school. This is an educational center for private persons as well as companies seeking teambuilding activities in the kitchen. 

As a recipe developer & food creator, Isa passionately inspires others to eat & learn how to make delicious green food. Besides consulting & creating exiting content for companies & restaurants, Isa lectures about vegetarian food & lifestyle, nutrition and food trends.

Work with GreenIsaDream

If you're a vegetarian/vegan/ or organic friendly food brand or a kitchenware manufacturer you're at the right place! Isa creates & shares engaging, innovative and creative photos, recipes or texts featuring your brand or product. Isa also develops vegetarian & vegan menus for restaurants & hotels in Sweden or abroad- customized to suit your vision and brand. 

Email isa@greenisadream.se with your inquiry and we'll get back to you asap!


You are a magazine or an online food platform and would like to come in contact with Isa for an interview or a joint project:

Email press@greenisadream.se